Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior, combat uniform The original Battlestar Galactica has always been a favorite sci-fi series; this was one of my very first costumes/cosplays, and I still wear it to this day. Everything on this costume is hand-made. The uniform is constructed of beige velour with the trademark black-and-gold check trim--not being able to find the correct trim at the time, I created it myself using metallic thread on black bias tape with one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I also built the gunbelt/holster and blaster, as well as the boot covers to give the appearance of the buckled combat boots. Lastly, I purchased an original Galactica jacket from Starlog (not pictured here), although I had to dye it from its original gray-green to the correct mocha-brown color. 193507911 Colonial Warrior combat boots At the time I was building the uniform, I couldn't find the motocross boots, and ended up constructing spats of heavy black vinyl to fit over an existing pair of boots. The final look is very effective (although I've since come into possession of a proper pair of motocross boots, courtesy of fellow Galactica fan Gina Canady). 193507913 Colonial Warrior blaster and holster The blaster is constructed completely of "found" items including layers of cardboard, a shampoo cap, and the handle grips from a toy pistol. The belt is from a military surplus store, dyed dark, with floral tubes painted gold for the cartridges and a plastic drinking cup cut to shape and covered in black vinyl for the holster. 193507912 Colonial Warrior, dress uniform/dress medallion Basically the combat uniform with different boots and the addition of a brown suede cape and brass dress medallion. The medallion is made of cut brass sheeting and chain, with gold sewing trim around the edge and amber rhinestones glued into place. 193507914 Galactica ridge officer uniform/officer dress blues The bridge officer uniforms, as well as the dress blues for higher ranking officers, were the same style as the combat uniforms, except they were blue with black-and-silver checked braid. The dress medallions for these were also silver 193507909 Pyramids and cubits The card game "Pyramid" was very popular with the Viper pilots on board ship, and cubits were the monetary unit. The center cubit is screen-used 193507910 Commander Cain's swagger stick My favorite episode from the original series was "The Living Legend," with the General-Patton-based character Commander Cain (portrayed by Lloyd Bridges) of the Battlestar Pegasus. He often carried a swagger stick, and I recreated the prop using an "eagle" from a trophy and a painted wooden dowel 193507916 Serina, blue dress The character Serina (portrayed by Jane Seymour) wore this blue dress in the pilot episode of the series. The recreation is made (probably much like the original!) of polyester knit and black bias trim. 193507917 Various Galactica group photos With fellow Galactica fans, and series actors Richard Hatch (Apollo) and Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Boomer). 193507915