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Gallery Quest launching soon!

Posted by Cher on June 19, 2014 at 12:15 AM

After over a year of having my "fun" costume and prop website set up and in progress,  Gallery Quest is finally about to launch!  With over 25 years of costumes and props to wade through, both personal and professional, and new projects coming along every day, it's been quite a task to get all the photos organized and ready for the site. Many photos of my earliest projects and cosplays are hard copies, taken in the days before digital cameras, and required a pretty substantial amount of digital clean up before they could be posted (I've learned quite a bit about Photoshop, the hard way). But the job is close to being complete, and I'm looking forward to having a website where I can share my finished work as well as post new finds and projects as I work on them.

I've also been working on my companion Facebook page, Gallery Quest Costuming and Props Photo Gallery, as well as my deviantart page (user name GalaxyQuest).  I plan to launch both of those in conjunction with my website; they'll have pretty much the same photos/albums, but each will have a slightly different focus.  I'll be posting the links for those as soon as they launch--please visit those as well as the site!

There are just a handful of gallery albums left to complete before the site is ready to go.  It won't be too long now!

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