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More Ghostbuster props

Posted by Cher on February 7, 2015 at 8:20 AM

Inspired by friend and fellow prop-builder Jimmy Woody (and shamelessly "borrowing" some of his ideas-thanks, Jimmy! :D), I've started building simple PKE meters to use in the Junior Ghost Hunting workshops I'm now doing at conventions. They're made almost entirely of things I found at the dollar store, or have in my prop-building "junk" box, and even have working lights. And while they don't actually find ghosts, obviously, they do give the younger kids something tangible and fun to hold and interact with while I'm showing the real investigative equipment (which I prefer they *not* hold and interact with, just in case of accidental breakage. As one parent at my last workshop jokingly commented, proton packs are expensive).


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